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Many owners of larger vessels over twenty years of age are asked by their insurance companies to have an ‘Insurance’ survey completed every five years. The primary purpose of this is to look at the risks from the insurance companies point of view and therefore the survey focuses almost entirely on safety and the condition of the hull and underwater fittings.


However dependent on the insurance company the detail of this can vary from those companies who want a ‘Hull Only’ survey to those who want that plus say an assessment of safety equipment, engine installation, fire fighting equipment etc.


The general process is similar to a pre-purchase survey in that arrangements need to be made to lift the vessel out of the water to be inspected and a report is produced to send to the insurance company. However, as the number of items being assessed is significantly less and the report is much shorter the cost of the survey is a good deal less.


Sometimes people use this regular survey as an opportunity to get other areas of their boat checked out and / or to help them create and monitor their maintenance schedule. Needless to say we are more than happy do this and it can be relatively cost effective as we are ‘on site’ anyway.


If we find any significant problems that would affect the insurability of the vessel we will give you the opportunity to fix them before agreeing terms with your broker so that the report can be amended accordingly.  

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