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Thank you Mark for being very helpful and professional during my journey into purchasing my first narrowboat. A fantastic service though out the whole process and always had time to chat about any concerns of queries i had. Unfortunately due to Coronavirus i was unable to be present while the survey was conducted, but i had quite detailed feedback and a plan on what to do next. I had a detailed and comprehensive brief followed by an excellent well prepared professional report both in soft and hard copy. I recommend Mark to anyone especially novices like me purchasing my first boat. Mark Douglas Marine will be the first port of call for me when i make future purchases. NB


As someone completely new to this, Mark was a reassuring presence from the first contact. On the day of the survey he patiently walked me through his findings and educated me about the boat at the same time. His written report was delivered promptly and was both extremely comprehensive and beautifully presented. He has been a gracious point of contact and mine of information throughout the process. I really cannot recommend him too highly as someone to have in your corner. TS


I have commissioned Mark twice now - once for a BSS examination and once for a pre-purchase survey. Both have been carried out in a highly professional and constructive manner. Both occasions have been very informative and highly enjoyable. Every time I have met Mark, I feel I have come away with not only a survey report but some very useful knowledge. I shall have no hesitation in appointing him again in future. CH


When buying a boat unseen in the UK, but residing in another country, one needs to commission a trustworthy professional marine surveyor. After all, they are going to be your eyes and ears, and you are entrusting them with not only your wallet, but your heart also. After some research we decided that Mark Douglas was the man for the job, and we were not disappointed! If only everyone could be as professional, thorough, and meticulous about their job as he, we’d all live in a better world. We cannot praise him enough, and his helpful, friendly, personable manner is the icing on the cake. Thank you, Mark, you deserve every bit of the praise we have read in your reviews and more. Your beautifully presented survey will be cherished, as will the boat you helped us choose. S. Mc L, Ireland.


A very thorough hull survey on our forty year old narrowboat, very clearly written up and with practical and understandable recommendations. Mark was happy for me to attend the survey (I spent most of the time in the boatyard office as it was pouring with rain) and explained to me what he was doing, and his findings. I was impressed that he asked my permission before discussing the results with the boatyard, and agreeing with them what needed to be done to the boat. Good "pre-sales" and after service - he replied to emails clearly and promptly, and does what he says he is going to do. SJ


Mark was recommended to me by another surveyor - itself a good sign, of course. He completed a pre-purchase survey (of a canal boat) on my behalf, and also gave me invaluable advice before I had found the boat I wanted. He was happy for me to attend the survey (although I only turned up at the end of the day), and was able to show me exactly what was what, regarding things that had come up. This was really useful when discussing the survey with the broker - as it meant when queried, I could explain what I'd seen, and been told, to provide a clearer (and more persuasive!) context for the information in the survey. I would thoroughly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a marine surveyor. And - bonus - he's a top bloke! PG


Excellent, professional service from beginning to end. Our first venture into boating so bit apprehensive - Mark guided us through the whole process of survey, BSS in a completely approachable and friendly, helpful way. The pre purchase survey report was presented beautifully and more comprehensive than any house purchase survey we have ever had! Thank you Mark for introducing the world of boating to complete novices in such a helpful and reassuring way. Will definitely use you next time. FC


This is the fourth survey we have had in our boating life and this has been the most professional in terms of the quality of survey report presentation and content. It was very useful to meet Mark at the conclusion of the survey and discuss the relevant parts of the survey before his written report was posted to us. Whilst the issues he raised were significant he presented them in such an understandable manner technically but also with a common sense approach verbally and of course in his survey report enabling us to be able to raise these with the broker for negotiation. Thank you Mark and will speak soon. CA


Mark recently surveyed Equinox a boat I was thinking of purchasing. I was able to accompany Mark during the survey and was able to pick his brain and learnt a great deal about the boat. I was also able to present his finding and negotiate a reduction of t he asking price which more than paid for the survey. AB


As novice boat-buyers considering the purchase of a boat almost 50 years old it was very important to us to get a pre-purchase survey that was thorough and comprehensive. Mark Douglas provided just that along with plenty of advice on the relative importance of the issues he found and how best to deal with them. When the 26-page survey report arrived in the post it was most beautifully presented, symbolic of the care and attention to detail that he gives. GW


Hi Mark, Have received your survey of Emily's Escape. I am very impressed with your service. I will post a cheque tomorrow. DR


Fantastic services from Mark. I'm a first time boat owner and he took his time to provide a lot of helpful knowledge on top of providing our boat certificate. He clearly knows a lot about boats and is passionate about them which means you'll get a thorough service. MT


Mark Thank you for carrying out our Survey..not once but twice so we could attend. You're tour of the boat as you did your work has given us lots of really useful information. We would happily recommend you to others. MB


Mark helped and accommodated with everything I needed with the survey on the boat I was interested in.

The whole process was easy and everything was explained to me from start to finish.

I will definitely use Marks services again.

Thank you.



I recently purchased a 24 foot yacht, 2008 build year, using Mark Douglas Marine to survey the craft.  Important, as always, the chosen surveyor conducts a thorough survey - the more so in my case as I purchased unseen.  Mark helped throughout the pre-survey and survey stages, spending time on the telephone and e-mailing confirmations etc.  In all, when the yacht arrived on the South Coast needless to say all elements of the boat and gear were in the condition expected.



Thank you Mark for carrying out our survey. Very informative we got so much out of touring the boat with you. We would recommend you to others.



Mark came out to survey my boat and all I can say is he did a very through job at a very good price . he pointed out quite a few problems I had missed and then helped me find ways to overcome them.

I am now the owner of a early 60s Seamaster that will go on for many more years thanks to his attention to detail and help.

Thank you for your expertize Mark I shall defiantly use you in the future



From beginning to end Mark was exemplary. He had a very long way to travel and a very early start,  but was at the boat yard super early and got underway with great enthusiasm. Every step of the way he explained what he was doing and allowed  me to film him whilst he made recommendations of improvement so that I had a visual record for future reference. The presentation of the survey was prompt and immaculate, the price was very competitive  and despite the long distance he had to travel he made no extra charges.  Subsequent to the survey, I have been able to phone up with questions regarding both the purchase price and how to address the recommendations he made in the survey. Ever cheerful,  ever polite and very professional, I would thoroughly recommend him.




Absolutely fabulous! Mark has provided us with an efficient, friendly and thorough service. He literally saved us thousands of pounds and months of remedial work on a boat we intended to purchase. Nothing was too much trouble for Mark, he always made time to discuss things with us and offer advice and his written report was extremely thorough. Even though this particular boat was a no-no we had no hesitation in asking him to survey another boat we found.

A really nice genuine guy, who will take the time to offer you sound practical advice without confusing you with jargon. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone.

Thanks Mark!




Mark Douglas came and surveyed my future Freeman and did a very detailed and time consuming pre-Purchase survey which took him all day.

He was recommended by a boat mechanic as someone who is independent of the boat yards and is 'very detailed'.

He did set my mind at rest over buying the boat and the issues involved. I did buy the boat.

I did get a very detailed list of small repairs from Mark Douglas which I got the boat yard where I was buying to boat to do (and which cost a fair bit in boat yard bills).

So, if you do not want to know the exact condition of your future boat and what needs doing - do not get Mark Douglas to do it as he will find its faults and detail them to you.




I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Mark to anyone needing a boat survey. Mark advised me on the purchase of my first boat recently. His inspection was extremely thorough and his advice was both pragmatic and totally comprehensible. He even took the trouble to personally re-assure my wife when I made the mistake of sharing a little too much information with her during the inspection process! I spent most of the day of the survey with Mark and found him to be not only very professional but also is a charming individual.




How easy to write a glowing report!

Everything was perfect. Initially Mark saved me about £10k plus months off the water putting right a boat I was about to purchase. Then he even gave me some discount as it was a "No-go".

I was extremely impressed with his thoroughness and had no hesitation in commissioning him for my next "dream-boat". This one was the business and received a glowing report. That made me feel totally confident in it's purchase.

On top of everything he has such a nice manner. In my book for sure.




We had a full survey carried out, as it was requested by the insurance company due to the age of our boat.

Mark responded swiftly to our email, his rates were reasonable and he was able to be flexible to fit in with our time frame.

The service we received from Mark was professional and he spent time explaining his findings to us in person as well as providing a comprehensive written report.

A friendly guy, we would definitely recommend his work to others.




Fantastic company and great service. Very thorough survey report. I contacted several surveyors when I started looking at boats enquiring about the first boat I looked at, a springer waterbug. Mark gave by far the most comprehensive and friendly advice over email than anyone else. As a first time buyer he's been invaluable.




Having a survey on you pride and joy can be a bit like taking an exam. You think that you have done everything, it all looks ok, but is it? Mark came to look at my boat and gave some helpful and practical advice. He did not use technical jargon that would leave one confused. Mark used straightforward language that was both easily understandable and friendly. Mark did not just check my boat, his advice got it back in the water.

If you are looking to have your boat surveyed, I would not hesitate to give Mark a call. Having had boats for several years, "Boat Safety Checks" and "Insurance Surveys" I've had. Mark is the best Surveyor I have come across and I will be seeing him again.

Thanks Mark, boat is now afloat MH


Mark surveyed our narrowboat in December 2014.

His thoroughness and ability to provide practical, friendly advice continues to be one of the most helpful and encouraging aspects of our boat-owning experience. Thank you!



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