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Standard Contracts


We believe that it is important, for your piece of mind, to commission a surveyor who agrees with and works consistently to a set of professional standards. In reality this means those defined by an independent body and we believe the premier organisation in Europe is The Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA).


We use only the Standard YDSA Contract and Terms & Conditions (as set out below and via a link at the bottom of the page) and we will send you a copy of both before we complete any work so that you can be absolutely clear about what to expect.


The link, at the bottom of the page, will give you more information about the YDSA if you should be interested.


Example Contract (March 2010):-




THIS AGREEMENT is made this day of                       of 20                        between:-



of : (address)

(the “Surveyor”)




of: (address)

(the “Client”)

collectively the “Parties”)




1.The Client hereby instructs the Surveyor to attend the vessel specified on page 2 of this Agreement (the “Vessel”) and to undertake the following type(s) of survey (Circle the applicable types):


Pre-purchase (Condition); Insurance; Damage; Re-fit; Valuation;


RCD; BSS;MCA Code of Practice; Tonnage Measurement;


Limited Scope: [please specify]:








Other: [please specify:]

(such type(s) of survey shall hereafter referred to as the “Scope of Work”).




2.The Surveyor hereby agrees to undertake the Scope of Work as instructed by the Client above for the agreed fee of £ + VAT (if applicable) plus travel expenses of £ which the Client agrees to pay upon receipt of the Surveyor’s invoice.


3.The Client and the Surveyor hereby agree that the YDSA’s Standard Survey Terms of Business March 2010 (attached hereto) are hereby expressly incorporated into and form an integral part of this Agreement between the Parties.


4.The Client hereby expressly confirms by signing this Agreement that he has read and understood the YDSA’s Standard Survey Terms of Business March 2010.



Client: . Surveyor:


The Client hereby authorises the Surveyor to collect the key(s) for the Vessel from:



5.The Client agrees that he is responsible for any and all charges that may be incurred in the moving, slipping, lifting and/or launching of the Vessel and any reinstatement work following the survey (for example but not limited to: covering patches taken for meter readings).


6.The Client further agrees to inform the Surveyor as soon as possible after the Client has signed this Agreement of the moving/slipping/lifting/launching arrangements he has made in order to assist with planning the survey.


7.The Client hereby provides the following details of the Vessel:



Name of Vessel: ..


Builder of Vessel: .


Model and year (approx) of Vessel: ..


Located at: .


Berth number or other information:


Name and contact details, including telephone number, of Broker / Agent:




Contact details of Client including telephone no:





Client :  Surveyor:..


Date: .  Date:..





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